Sharing personal stories about the healing properties of cannabis.

To help bring this versatile plant back to the people.

No redeeming qualities

If I had a nickle for every teacher who said that about me over the years. Wow!

Despite what the DEA may have you believe, cannabis has been a part of our natural healing toolkit for millennia and is well documented across a range of cultures.

Cannabis is referenced as a healing oil in a wide range ancient Sumerian, Chinese, Egyptian and Babylonian texts including multiple biblical references.

Did you know that the holy anointing oil Jesus used had cannabis in it?
Search "Kaneh Bosm", you might be surprised what you find.

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Who is behind this movement

We all are, it's that simple.

People are tired of being lied to about a plant that has clearly been with us since early time, our entire body has cannabanoid receptors in it, that has to mean something.

We are citizens of the world and we're tired of having the truth packaged for us by people with hidden agendas.

We believe in the power of stories and information to change minds, opinions and ultimately laws and outcomes.

Our guiding mission

Share information about benefits of cannabis and who needs it, particularly for medicinal needs.

We believe that the reason's that it was outlawed in the first place were commercial and socail, rather than truly for people's protection.

As such, it's immoral to continue to limit access to this life changing plant for anyone who chooses. It should be no different than eating less meat or only raw foods, it's a personal decision about how you choose to deal with your personal health, not a matter for government involvement beyond industry driven controls and regulation.

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